Ben Holmes photo.png

Pictured: Sheriff Ben Holmes, one of the characters in my historical tragedy, The Harder Courage.


I’m new to playwriting, but not to writing nor to theater. See some of my other writing in the drop-down menu. I’ve been in theater since I played a Breeze in second grade. No lines, but I welded a broom on dry leaves like a pro.

The Harder Courage (2018), my first solo play, is based on the true story of Ben Holmes and Robert Day. It covers the eight months from Holmes’ arrest of Day in October 1891 to Holmes’ hanging of him in June 1892. Through the lens of history, the play explores themes of friendship, family, vigilante justice, capital punishment, war, PTSD, coming to terms with death, and the healing power of story. 

The Harder Courage  was a finalist in the 2018 Ashland New Plays Festival and is part of the inaugural plays featured at ANPF’s Play4Keeps (all plays are presented as readings on a podcast). In August 2019, it received further development in a reading/workshop at Theatre 33 in Salem, Ore. It will be performed March 11-27, 2022, at Stageworks Northwest Theatre.

I am also the co-author (with Donald A. Correll) of This Island Earth (1998/revised 2009), a physical theater production based on folklore and myth, with a theme of stewardship of our planet. This experience made me want to write a play on my own.

In January 2017, Spencer Renee Driscoll and I presented a staged reading of Into the Storm, a play we co-wrote, drawn from social media posts in the aftermath of the 2016 election. A Daily News story about the show is here .

Read some of my plays on the New Play Exchange.

Listen to The Harder Courage at

A free audio excerpt is available here

Read a newspaper story about it here

Listen to a podcast interview with me on

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