Me on my last day of work at my desk at the newspaper. Before I moved up to reporting, I wrote numerous personal-experience stories in the feature section. Now I do most of my writing at my home computer, and on my AlphaSmart (above), and in the numerous notebooks I scribble in.

Just published: My research into The Harder Courage, in the December 2019 issue of the Cowlitz Historical Quarterly.

Other published works, in addition to my newspaper writing:

The Tale-Teller, short story in the anthology The Healing Heart: Families, ed. Allison Cox and David Albert, New Society Publisher, 2003. I have granted permission to retell my story to storytellers in many parts of the world, and one even translated it into German. (You may read both versions under the “Storyteller” page.)

Jewels of the Night, self-published collection of my adaptations of fairy tales plus a few original tales, through Lulu.com, 2013 product_thumbnail.php

Emotional Dancing, a poem in The Salal Review literary magazine, Lower Columbia College, vol 5, spring 2005

The Storyteller’s Trance in ‘The Turn of the Screw,‘ undergraduate scholarly paper, Anthos journal, Portland State University, 2015

Beautiful and Bad, short historical biography of Kelso-born writer Margaret Wallace, Cowlitz Historical Quarterly, vol 49, #2, June 2007

An Officer’s Final Call, short historical biography of slain Kelso policeman Frank Konen, Cowlitz Historical Quarterly,  vol 50, #1, March 2008

The Year of the Two Strange Guys, memoir in the anthology That Holiday Feeling, compiled and edited by WordFest Northwest, self-published through Lulu.com, 2012.

How to Be a Storyteller in a Courtroom Setting, essay in the anthology How to be a Storyteller …, compiled and edited by Sean Buvala of Storyteller.Net, self-published through CreateSpace, 2012


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